Tech help required

Coming back to the problems I’m facing in posting my blogs, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I thought it best to ask for help from you people,my co-bloggers.Well for starters, I was using a normal computer, but then one day all of a sudden I was unable to access all my google accounts. I’m able to open the google search sites, but not personal accounts, specifically gmail and blogger.I usually used to use my cell phone to read and comment on your blogs. But during the same time, somehow, my mobile tells me, that my password is in correct and I need to check it from a PC. On checking the accounts from a friends system, I found that it accepts my old password only, which my cell is rejecting.Now tired with my daily constant complaints, my husband got me a iPad, he had seem me fretting over all the various indiblogger competitons, but now comes the new problem. I don’t know how to edit word documents here. I alos dont kow why the page breaks are not working….so many things that I dont know. And now I find out, I can’t even link images to my posts. Tried unsuccessfully to link URLs and tags too. Teething day for sure, but am so tired of not being able to blog that I’ve finally come out seek help from anyone who can. People please leave your suggestions and share your experiences with me here.


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