Versatile or not, award it is.

I know it’s been a very long time, and no excuses for that too. But as most of us have been through this phase at some point or the other, where we want to come and blog but something or the other just keeps coming in the way.Before I left, I was bestowed upon an award by Bikramjit, now who doesn’t know Birkram Mann, he’s everywhere. This was my first award, and coming from Bikram it was more special because he is amongst my oldest and most regular follower, Thank you Bikramjit for all your wonderful comments and keeping up with me even when I’m so irregular. Well coming back to the Award it’s rules are very simple. First: I have to nominate 15 fellow bloggers and also inform them about the same. Secondly, I have to share 7 random (what random means here…I don’t know) things about myself. Lastly, of course, thank the blogger who nominated you.Like you see, I did the thanking part (more so than required) first! But still, thank you Bikram for nominating me for this award. Once again! 7 random things about me would be very difficult, like there are so many things that I don’t know which 7 will do the least harm.1. So the first thing that comes to my mind is, that though most of the people who come across me find me very confident and in control types, I’m not, “deekhavoo pe mat jao…apni akal lagao”. 2. Though at the same time, there are some who think I’m arrogant and don’t talk to me, but if you don’t talk to me how will you know me? 3. I need constant encouragement and motivation, *hint hint, leave more and more appreciative comments after you read my posts!*. Perfectly described by Linda Goodman, “She seems to be more even-tempered and emotionally steady than she actually is. Her manner may convince you that she’s as firm as a rock and nothing can ruffle her calm surface. The truth is that she’s subject to many moods”.4. I completely believe in destiny and luck, or like how fate would have it, though I don’t believe in God that much. I think God has been created to instill the feelings of hope and fear in humans. From what little I have seen in my life, as well in others, I have come to realize good things can happen to bad and good people equally, and vice-versa. It’s just all destined.5. I make new friends very easily, but also stick to the old ones for a long time…yeah am clingy that ways. Friends for once friends forever. 6. I’m very scared of pets, even parrots! I don’t know, can’t come close to anything with fur blankets included!7. Have a very bad memory already! Can hardly remember and recollect faces or names! Gets me in lots of embarrassing situations very often. I’ve already forgot what and why I started off this! Now comes the tagging part!!! Yeeahh….and a personal request, please write 1 or 2 things about you that would show us your personal side too.In a random order of course.Sunil, I know he shares lots of his technological experiences, especially everything and anything with an i, does not talk much about him, so maybe this award can act like a catalyst and make his write about himself! A recent follower Swapna, who writes about parenting and her experiences, is indeed very versatile.’s blog, Sukupedia, I see, I feel, I say. As simple as it is, her blogs much more.. or is it Farida, I’m a bit confused, has lots of wonderful things to share with us, especially since she’s faced so many upheavals in life herself. I first went on DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420)I was not expecting much, but then I was in for a surprise., more because of the 420 that follows his name, I want to know if it is meant for people like me?Sujatha Sathya has Conversations,, about life, relationships and love, but the way she says it I always feel she’s talking about me. Priya at very me, writes about her life and also about things happening around her.Rahul says he’s instable but if this is instability, I wish I had some too. Read more at Monumental Instability. Raj, love the way he hits the funny bone with all his sarcastic and humorous posts. as he is fondly referred to on the blogosphere has lots to share on the workings of a marriage. even though his other blog about various other things is more popular, I personally prefer this on.Sensitive heart, as I’ve got to know her, writes about lots of things, from movie reviews to photography, she’s covered it all, but lately she’s been missing from the blogging world, here’s hoping this tag shall act like a catalyst and bring her back. She was also amongst the first bloggers whom I had interacted with. Bhatt, when I went to her blog and read her intro about herself, I wanted to read more. Here’s what she had to say, Flying through the seasons of life with me, myself and the world…A little of this and a little of that and all of everything! A Doctor by instinct, a Bookworm by desire… I am what I was…I am what I can be. a relatively new blogger has tons of yummy recipes at her blog, I think it really tough to keep up a cookery blog, which she is doing marvelously. though by tagging her I would like to know more about her as an individual too.Poems don’t interest me much, more so because they use too many unnecessary words most of the times, but Ritika Patel is an exception. blog that I have recently started following is Vivek Sheel, a private blog till now is a treasure trove, especially for morning SMSes.There are lots more blogs which I would have loved to have tagged, but then there are some whom I think do not accept these so called “AWARDS”, and some who I feel are way above their tagging days. But then all said and done, I think we all (ME INCLUDED) are doing a marvelous job indeed.Friends, due to some serious (for a complete tech-novice for me), technical difficulties, a very long story, fit to be my next blog…I am unable to link the image to this post, if there’s anyone who can help me please let me know. How do I add an image on this post from my tablet. The choose file option is not valid here… And I also tried to link the image to it’s web URL too. But that too dint work. And for the same reasons, please excuse all my formatting errors too…along with that, please xcuse any other errors too ;).Pleas let me know why the formatting thing is not working…while I’m typing here, it shows me proper spacing and line breaks, but when I preview it shows me no spacing no line or para breaks. Desperately help required.I’m just too desperate to post this so here it is. Please bear with me and my ignorance!!


1 thought on “Versatile or not, award it is.

  1. Hi Pooja! Oh so u hv shifted to wordpress! grt! As u know i wasn’t blogging for last 2-3 months. Saw ur comment, but u had not mentioned about tagging me. Thanks a lot dear for tagging me! I came here to tag u for the same award and later another tag.

    Thanks again dear 🙂

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