Teeth and footing days.

Starting this journey with WordPress is nothing like starting blogging all over again. It’s much more complicated. I can compare this feeling to how I felt when I got married and arrived in this new house, a new city, new people, new rituals and all.

I dint know where to go, what to do, what was right what was wrong, their routines their expectations and my role in all this. It looked chaotic, but had a well oiled system to it all. They all knew their roles their functions, and gradually even I found my place, similarly I hope to find my foothold here too.

Looking at the new interface, I don’t know what to do and what not. I don’t want to make ny mistakes, mainly caue I can’t call them my tooting mistakes any longer. Like I did when I started wit blogger. But now, Im expected to know, to be aware, but I’m not and soam tensed.

The whole look and concept of WordPress is very formal,serious as opposed to the of blogg, which is very causal, relaxed, or maybe that’s how it seems to me, maybe it had become familiar to me, like my parents house, no matter how rushed or out of place the place was I used to be at home, but at my in-laws a place, even though it’s more organised, I find it chaotic.

Not just me, most of the Indian girls, find their in-laws house, which she shares with other members of the family, not so homely, not so comfortable. Even after being married for more than a decade, it’s still her “Sasural”, her inlaws a house, never her own.

Hopefully in some time, more sooner than later, a balance would be strikes, and rhythm shall be maintained Rhythm to blog, to communicate, to develop and build new relationships new meaning to all things chaotic.

Life becomes easier if there are people to travel with, to talk to, help me make this journey of mine easier, more joyfull,come along lets do this together.


11 thoughts on “Teeth and footing days.

    • Thanks for the assurances, but then as you have seen there are some on the blogger forum who think I should not make the move.
      Thik hai, all in all I now have 2 blogs, it’s another matter that I’m unable to regularly keep up one also…

      • Well I can send you some html that i have put in my old blogspot , which when clicked sends everyone ot the new place after 5 -6 seconds ..

        do you want that .. All i do is write one line in the old place click here to read more .. and then who so ever are still following blogspot still get a notice of new post and then it diverts them to wordpress ..

      • Ooh ok that s a nice idea, I’ll do that too, I posted the same stuff on blogger too, but it’s without spaces obviously, will add this page’s link too. Great thanks.

  1. Hey Pooja. Don’t worry. WordPress is a great place to be. Ask me. I did start a self hosted wordpress blog customizing my theme all by myself without any tech knowledge only relying on the tutorials available on the internet. You will get used to it soon. If you need any help let me know. If I know something about it will definitely tell you or will google it and point you to the right direction. 🙂

  2. nice analogy 🙂 hey welcome to WP! you will love it here! if you require any help just ask me! also u can look up my blog to see what widgets u can add.

    • Now here I am again, Reema, I cant post comments on my blogspot pal’s blogs. It says’ choose an ID I put my WordPress username, but then shows an error saying you do not own that ID! Help…

      • You are selecting “open ID” to comment I hope? u have to put your blog’s URL “https://poojashahdesai.wordpress.com/” and your name. It will ask for access..click on grant access. let me know if it worked.

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