Holi Hai….

These days wishing holi by saying happy holi is no enough, you have to add, SAFE hol

Happy holi people, I know it’s happy time, colour time, but then what if you are not in the the mood to celebrate holi?

How do you feel good when you know these colours will harm you, these celebrations will injure your lungs, damage your skin and cause lots of destruction to the nature too.

ImageI wasn’t like this before but I guess some things come with age. As a teenager living in we played holi with the best of colours, t a specifically designated place, a plain ground away from the city, so that who all wants to play come there enjoy with like minded people and go home happy. People who don’t want to are not made to participate forcefully.

But after shifting to India, I was made a shooting target with water filled balloons, oh I meant coloured water, street children, (age range could vary for 5 year olds to 50 year olds). These so called kids would start practicing a month in advanced to perfect their shooting skills. Local cops and other authorities would laugh it off calling harmless mischievousness. But ask that to a girl or a lady who’s on her way to school, college with papers on her hand, or someone going for an interview, who’s clothes have been dirtied and compelly messed up.

At the time of writing this blog, I’m watching a news being telecast, about how some people have been severely injured due to the poor quality of colours being sold in the open markets. Access to good quality products is so difficult that most of the times, we are forced to buy these inferior colours by default.

It’s a common occurrence in Indian cities to be cheated under the name of herbal and pure. I used to buy herbal organic colour thinking that they were good and would not leave scars on my daughter’s sensitive skin, but everything I was mistaken and in for a rude shock. Till recently I decided its best to play only with water.

So for us, holi is no longer a festival of colours, just wet fun.

I know wasting water is an equally big crime in India where drinking water in so scarce, but then what to do, how can I not let me kid play and enjoy, I can tell her not to waste excess water, maybe limit it, everything in moderation works. So I guess this too shall do.


6 thoughts on “Holi Hai….

  1. Wishing you a very happy holi and to everyone around you.. I miss celebrating it so much ,, and long ot be back home so i can once again celbrate all these beautiful festivals

    • I know i feel while we are away from India we fantasize things about and in India, we have out most reddest rosiest glasses on. But like I’ve said earlier, its not such a pretty picture. Like if you saw the news link, you will know. Yes, its nice to be able to spend time with your family and friends, but then that also depends…on lots of external factors, not in your hands.

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