Relationship status, involved but not committed.







Gone are the days of janam janam Ka pyar, undying love and soul mates till eternity.

Relationships today have become very frivolous, be it amongst families, friends or more. Recently a friend of mine (in today’s Facebook age, every one you know is a “friend” irreevant of everything else.)

So like I was saying, a friend of mine, whom I know from my yoga classes, an 18 yer old, pretty girl from a good family, recently got engaged.

No there’s nothing wrong in getting engaged, but then, she was seeing someone else,she was in a long distance relationship, which I found out was a relationship of great understanding, understanding that there would be no strings attached, no commitments.

She was with this guy who is settled outside India, so they used to meet up as and when circumstances allowed them, she used to go to a city which was convenient for him when he was in the country, and “meet up, catch up and a enjoy each other’s company”, whatever that means is upon your interpretation.

Throughout the period that they were together, maybe around a yer or so, both knew the minute they found someone more suitable more “right”, the other person would bolt faster than the speed of light.

And thats what happened, she met a righter Mr. Right, and decided to tie the knot. But how does she know he’s more right than the older Mr. Right?

In our urge to live better, to live luxuriously, somewhere we have left our emotions and feelings in the old suitcase. Even friendships these days is such a light hearted matter, you’re my friend if you say good things about me, compliment me, but if you show me the mirror, I’ll crack it.

Relationships are also equally fragile, we all know there are lots of fishes around, so if one dsnt suit you try some other. Divorces are so common these days because of the same reasons.

They say our lives are more stressful, more tensed, but why did this happen?
When we have the best technologies, best gaImagedgets machines to help us work more smoothly, easily, and more efficiently, why are we becoming like machines.

Who is eating away our emotions? Our feelings?
Read a nice quote some time back, all things that make us happy and are good for us are not things. But..


12 thoughts on “Relationship status, involved but not committed.

  1. Oh yes.. I know that long distance no strings attached. I foud that myswlf after 4 years πŸ™‚ ..
    Thats why they say kahin pe migahen kahin pe nishana..

    Very common these days people do it very often gone are the days when as you said janam janm ka saath. Today its more like one night stands..

      • I do not know much about love but from what I know, one can not be sad with someone he/she loves. Its just not possible.

      • Many a times is not love at all, it’s a need to be with someone, to get some extra attention, to get some extra care. It’s mostly because of his or her insecurities.

        People in love can also be unhappy, when they are not loved back the way they want to be loved, when they realise that someone else is more important to their partner then them.

  2. Its funny that I have been the “earlier Mr Right” of sorts. But the girl did not leave me because she found someone else though the reason does not matter much, right ?

    I guess we have a short attention span these days. We forget things easily. Whether its the news of some scandal that has come along or some cricket match – atleast I do. Old school concepts like committment, honesty, integrity is a thing for fools- atleast it appears so…

    But this is also a matter of choice and strength of belief. Its almost like asking you ” are you good/strong enough “. You are a married woman yourself, you would know it better than me.
    No good thing ever dies said Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption :). Its just that we do not see things on a long enough timeline.

    Thank you for the post πŸ™‚

      • Happiness is a difficult concept. What might seem to be short term happiness might melt away in the tides of time while something which appears bad at the moment, might turn out to be great in due course of time. So, my choice would be being strong because only that allows a long term vision and an enduring pleasure πŸ™‚

    • It’s not about short attention spans, in today’s times we have lots of options, it’s not that this dint happen in those days, but it was mainly the man how strayed, as the woman was mostly at home and so dint have access to any other males.

      But today the scenario has changed. Rather I’d say has reversed, there are so many females whom I know of are in extra marital relationship, like one told me, she’s got only one life, and she wants to make the most of it!

      Everyone wants something extra.

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