About Pooja

Pooja a name, if ever someone has the time and resources, could be easily declared the most common name of all times, beating all the Tom, Dick and Harrys of the world single handedly.

Well but each Pooja is different, and so am I. But what is so different about me is what I often ask myself, still trying to figure out my own X-factor, I’ve heard everyone has their one unique USP, please let me know if you figure out what that is in me.

I’m a lot of this and that, at some point or other in life, I could be philosophical and irrational at the same time; I’m also cool and composed and the next minute I’ll be like a roaring tiger. But all this is that makes me, a daughter along with an elder sister, a wife and simultaneously a daughter in law, and now a mother along with a blogger.

Ofcourse being a blogger does not burden me with the type of responisbiliites that the other roles put on me, but still it’s something that I take very seriously, its something I do for myself, hoping some day, my daughter will read these words and know her mother more as a person than just a mother.


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