My days’ started off wonderfully.I got the 2nd most beautiful comment in my life!  (But bothof them haven’t come from my husband, or boyfriends for that matter.)
I know I never write about personal stuff much, but don’t know today amtyping this, will find out only later if I post this or not.
Coming back to the compliment I received,ohh, the only thing that could beat it was if it had come from my husband, orjust any other guy instead of this sweet girl.
She saw me at the gym, lazilyworking out, I am THE laziest member ofthe class, even the instructor says so, but I’m also the only one who’s beenattending his class from the start, so I guess it evens it out.
After the class, we met in thechanging room, she started hesitantly, “May I say something to you?”, and I waslike, OH no, here it comes, what could itbe, my shoes my top or my pants, or even worse, is there a tag stuck behind myback…gosh!
“Ya, sure tell me” with a small smile that took more force thanthose push-ups!
“Your face…”
My hands instantly go to my face, what?
She continues, “Your face is veryattractive, your features are very nice…”
I relax and even blush, “Oh thank you, that very sweet of you.” I can’ttake criticism but I don’t even like getting compliments, it embarrasses me. I know they mean well and good, but still I happento look at the person suspiciously.
“When I saw you I felt like I wantedto keep looking at you, could not take my eyes off your face”, she adds.
Well now I was almost blushing,has this person been a guy I would have swelled, but as she was a female, mademe wonder, think and even suspect her motives, see I told you na I get suspicious.
But later when we spoke and I figuredout she was not a lesbian and meant no evil, I felt swell! It made me so happy that I hope I dint gain some inches with theswelling!
Giving compliments is a meantask, especially to a stranger, so kudos to this girl, whose name also I dintget. But even otherwise, one needs to put aside his/her ego and to give a compliment,more so if it to someone of the same sex.
But there are some compliments whichsomehow sound like insults. Any accoladeor praise, even though meant in good spirits, that leave you confused is a badcompliment. Theystrike you like, no she dint just say that, not in front of an audience!
 “You are looking nice today”, don’t I look nice on other days?
“Your hair’s looking good, wheredid you get it cut?”, are you saying myhair’s not nice, but only coz of the cut it’s looking good?
“Are those your real eyes?”, no I’m wearing artificial eyes!
 “That dress makes you look thin”, Am I fat?
“Wow, is that a natural tan?”, yes I was born dark, nothings fair.
“You havea very photogenic face”, does this mean Idon’t look good in real?
Another of these confusedcompliments that most of us receive while growing up is, you can do better. Why isn’t what I did good enough? Why youwant better?
Your daughter in law is very good”,identified and accepted as a perfectbali-ka-bakra (sacrificial goat) cause “good daughter-in-law” here means, dumb,as in both stupid and mute.
But the most dreaded complimentthat no woman wants to here has to be, “congratulations, your baby bump is socute”, when you are not even pregnant! I’vestopped congratulating people till I’m 100%sure that she’s expecting.
Another female oriented compliment-cum-insulthas to be, “you drive pretty well for a woman”, and I don’t have any words for this one.
Once a very long time back, a friendof mine had tagged me as “a tit-for-tat person”, later she tried very hard tojustify saying she meant it in a good way, but I was not. It was for this sameperson that I had got into a fight with my seniors at work, and she was saying thisto the same senior “That’s how Pooja is, let it go”
I remember, I colleague of mine gotengaged to this jerk of a guy from the same office, and when I found out, thebest I could say was “good for you”,she not knowing that it was not a nice compliment took it as a congratulatoryremark.
I know it tough to get over someof these compliments, but the best possible way to deal with them, as per my experienceis, to ignore them. Say a thank you, with a smile and let it go, as innocentlyas it was said, take it like it was not meant to be that way. Maybe the speakeris not as fluent with her language skills as you are. Most of the times, theperson’s intentions are innocent, but even it not, thank you works best, as it’slike a missed shot for the person. It will annoy the person when you don’t flareup or get hurt as per his/her expectation.
Have a good day! And make sure yourcompliment are just what they ought to be.


A Starry Sunday

Yesterday two “stars” were inIndore. I’m not naming them because I don’t want to give them any morepublicity than they already have garnered, as it is, these days it’s prettyeasy to guess who one is talking about, as the options are limited to those whohave a film releasing in the near future.
Well we, ,my husband and me, wereunaware of this fact (habit of not reading the newspaper on Sundays is a badone and needs to be changed ASAP), and happened to take our daughter for a funfilled Sunday at the same place, my daughter happens to love that particularmall’s play zone. But we were in for a shock. 
The moment we entered the mall wewere faced with a sea of people, not knowing the gravity of the situation, weassumed it to be limited to the ground floor only. Thinking the floors onhigher levels would be better off we started towards it.
But only the ground to 1stfloor escalators (lifts were closed, and even the escalators were notfunctioning), were passable. On the next level we realized we were stuck,security people would not let us go down thinking we (a least interested coupleholding a scared 5year kid) would mob the stars and the audience would not letus go upstairs thinking we would take away their precious prized positions.
As it is someone later told us,that the mall’s staff was all busy keeping the crowds in control behind thetight ropes, so there was no one available at the play zone. So now going downwas the only option left.
Somehow we managed to get a“spot”, actually an envious spot, on the same escalator through which we hadcome upstairs. The view was great from here, we could see the stage clearly andat the same time, there was no-one pushing or pulling us either. We had morethan once requested, demanded and even pleaded the security people to help usleave the mall, but they told us, as the crowds was getting larger the gateshad been closed so as to keep new people from arriving.  So finally we accepted the fact that we weredestined to give the “stars” a glimpse.
Stuti, my daughter, wanted toknow where did so many people come from and why, it’s the biggest pool ofpeople she had ever seen, and when I explained to her about the star crazypublic, she innocently asked me “so Mumma, all these people have come from allover India?” and she was shocked when I told her no beta, they all are fromIndore only, but then she had to ask me where do these people go on otherSundays? To which I had no answer.
After waiting for more than anhour (an hour for us, more than 2-3 hours for many who had come since a longtime to get to see these actors), being told another 10-15 minutes for morethan 10 times, the stars finally arrived. Arrived they did! To mikes notworking, bouncers hitting and pushing the crowds, and whistles all over themall. Did I mention the air-conditioning or ventilation was also not doing itsjob properly!
What happened was complete chaos,not at all properly planned, ridiculously managed and even pathetically executed.Temperatures were rising, tempers were flying and people were getting more andmore out of control. To add to all this, 2-3 glass panes, huge glass panes,fell off from escalators on the ground floors. Thank God no injuries werecaused.
First of all such events, I feel,should not be planned in enclosed places, and even if they are the authoritiesshould make sure their infrastructure is appropriate not for the crowdsanticipated but for the actual numbers. And if you are having such stars come,don’t advertise, as it is, word spreads, by leaking it the media you areinviting the general public, then don’t tell them how to behave.
On talking to a few of thesecurity people, I found out they had not anticipated such a turn around. Hello,what do you expect? In a country where actors and cricketers are only second toGod, who would miss this opportunity, especially on a Sunday?
I think, even our public is to beblamed. Can someone please explain to me, yes I’m an idiot, what does a guy getwhen he sees a beautiful actress (only after she’s layered herself with tons ofmakeup), on a stage, just waving her hands to generally everyone or rather noone, after waiting for more than 2-3 hours and shoving and pushing the crowds,and also fighting with the guards? After being treated like a jerk, he still ishappy just seeing him and her on stage?

Hands on Haiku

This is my frist attempt with Haiku, contrary to what most of us think, it is not at all simple to be simple.
Haiku is  a very short form of Japanese poetry typically characterised by three qualities: Hope, Peace, and Harmony, as per Wikipedia. But for youknowthatblog it is a simple 3 non-rhyming lines of just 5, 7, and 5 syllables as per the theme of the week.
This weeks theme is Absence, and here follows my first attempt.

Join the fun!Never have, never will notice
all those years ago went missing  
love joy innocence around.

Shall I say what feels
within the insides of  me
crippling as times fly

But if I do say
presence can turn to absence
so let words be scarce 

Please give me your feedbacks, as I’m sure there have to be some miscalculations.

Time life-line

Randomly Daily,
There was a time when I wanted to embrace you, death
But when the time came a couple of hours I had to ask.
Of all the things when you wake me up, alarm clock
All I ask for is some spare minutes, around 120 would be fine.
Last night when I was battling with you, insomnia 
Tossing right left and center
Wishing 2 hours would just casually fly away.
As a child,
When times were tough and testing, exams
In school I always prayed
Let these 2 hours stretch so long,
For me to study more
And score galore
On the ground though, playground
With friends and games,
Always warned you, time
Come not so soon, give me some grace
And come 2 fun hours away.
Mornings were the same, withthe sun bringing light
And mom’s same music, yelling
To wake me, to take me on
The ride of the day
Why not some more time I ask?
What the big deal in 2 hours anyway?
Later in life,
When I was there, in college
There were moments,
When you could have helped,
Make it to class on time
Make it to finish line,
But you were most needed
Those 2hours with coffee and her
Went like a blur,
But another 2 with just coffee
Were a curse.
As of now,
Always running short of time here, officedesk
With files flying low while the works pilling high
How many wonders could have been worked
If you just gave me those 2 magical hours though?
Never have enough time to be with you, wife
Just stealing flashes from here and there,
Never have time to sit and chill, show you my love,
Give me 2 hours more on the house for thou.
At the park with my hand in hers, mychild
I wished these hours would just pause for 2
Only for the cause of my love and joy
Is with you
Need to go out and pamper you, moiself
For health, care, love and spares
Want to travel, want to relax
Want to be whatever is to be.
Surf Excel
Give me 2hours you, but I’m telling
I’ll come back for more and more!

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Surf 2 hours away

Lying on my bed,
No it’s still not late
Though it’s almost 10
But I got 2 hours to spare.
Till the moon cradles his head
And my eyes go droopy dead
So up I bounce,
Think on what to pounce
If Only it was a.m.
Fill shopping bags would be my goal
But as its p.m. closed is the mall
I had some unread paper,
But for that I am late
Coz by the time I’d get done
It would be another date.
New news waiting at the door
With all the things I so bore
I thought of my guy
And what all we could do
But nothing works with him
After he’s had his booze
Back to square one, with what to do
Cause today I have 2 hours to move
Then I do what I do best, 
Google about what to do,
And it opens a treasure
On things from head to toe
I settle down on paper craft
With a stick of glue and paper
But strike I hear the clock
Telling me, my 2 hour’s over.
Why does not it trouble me you may ask,
Cause I tell you, tomorrow 
I shall surf clothes again,
And be rewarded with a 2 hour gain!

This post was written for Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart Contest on Indiblogger. They want to know what you would like to do If you were granted 2 extra hours everyday ? Do leave your comments. And unlike me, don’t waste this precious time whiling away. 

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Happy?? Children’s day

Today my 5 year old daughter’s routine was like this.

6:00am (Yes before the sun rises) Get up and get dressed forschool. Bus arrives at 7:00am.
It’s a very important day for her at school; she hasChildren’s day celebration (read competitions). There 
was a Spell Bee event,followed by some fancy chocolate-cookie races and some quiz games.
For breakfast they had to take their favorite snack which couldnot be Maggie, chips, burger or pizzas in short nothing junk (nothing that kidswould actually have liked). So I make her cheese parathas (my favorite and boring in her vocabulary).
For lunch they were served the routine food (again boring) butas it was a special day, a single ice-cream scoop was given as treat. Vanillaice-cream, she detests.

2:00pm Back from school; has her fruits with a bowl of curd.She shows me the cute “Happy Children’s day” paper lolly she got from school.She tells me its “”Chacha Jawaharlal Nehru’s bday today, and so its children’sday”.

I ask her what she wants to do today as it’s her special day.She tells me “Mumma I want to watch tv, Doremon, Chotta Bheem , Mr. Bean…” (Herlist is endless, I happen to remember only these many); Wants to eat Maggie, strawberryice-cream and some chocolates (this is added sensing her mom’s in a generousmood today). She does not want to study or even do her homework, (whatever mademe ask her)! I don’t agree, but don’t say a no, thinking its Children’s day.
But time soon flies and it’s time for her evening class.
3:30pm time for her evening class. Have children’s daycelebrations (again competition) there too. Kids have to talk about whatchildren’s day means to them. I have no clue what she’ll say but judking by theanswers I got I’m sure she does not stand any chance of winning any prizes (she’smumma’s girl, even I never won much). Anyways I don’t want to dwell on it muchcoz I have dinner to prepare before she comes.
5:30pm. she’s back and I make Maggie for her finally; that’sthe least I can do for her, while she gets comfortable on the couch with theremote.  All this after she promises methat she will complete her home work later, or even the next morning pukkapukka, I let her go, knowing very well nothing of that sort will happen.But then it’s her day, so she’s excused.
But some time in the afternoon, when my friends told me theywere taking their kids for some children’s day celebration (more competitionsand promotions too this time) to a couple of places, even I was tempted. But thenI thought why? Why would she want to go and run races with spoons in her mouth,why would she want to stick tails on donkeys or even shoot balloons? Just sothat I can show off to my friends some extra certificates, gifts or the bestpossibility was appearing in a group photo in the local daily? Would it exciteher? Yes it would if her day had not been like how it was, had she slept till10-11 in the morning, had not gone for swimming for 45 minutes, she would have enjoyedit, loved it.
But then there are times, when I wonder if as a parent, whatwill happen if I don’t give her the same exposure that these other kids aregetting, would my daughter be missing out on some things? Will she not be as completiveas the others? What is it that I need to do? Do I let her enjoy life as it is,or do I push her and run with her from one competition to the other, from oneexperience to the other? What is the right thing to do as a parent? What if shedecides to become a couch potato for the rest of her life? Obviously I’ll beblamed!
It is not easy to assimilate that a child is happiest whenshe/he gets to do what she/he wants, to be able to decide what and when. So decisiontaken, I go to the couch to ask her what she wants to do, but I can’t ask her.
7:00pm She’s snoring away and smiling! And here I am having the Maggieand blogging!

Rational Religion

Being a Jain, I’ve got the privilege to attend, (I am forced to listen to) sermons by our gurus. No I don’t have anything personal against Jain Gurus or for that matter any other religious person, but there are some things that I would like to ask them or rather open their eyes towards.
First of all, who are Jain Munis (Monks, and here I would like to talk about Jain munis only cause I’m most familiar with them).
In Jainism, there are 2 main bifurcations, some are idol worshipers, some not. The ones not worshiping idols take their Maharaj Sahebs (monks) and Masatijis (nuns) as Gods. Before I go any further, let me also tell readers who don’t know about Jainism that it is one of the most scientific as well as toughest religions to follow, as far as fasting, praying or other aspects of living are concerned. These monks lead a very tough life, they travel by foot, bare foot, around the country throughout the year, eat only food that they are offered, only when they get it appropriately, drink only boiled water, and use least materials as possible, some don’t even wear clothes. Rest use basic simple white unstitched cloth that is wrapped around their bodies. 
They stay at an Apasra, Jain shrines; only if they are invited during the 4 and half months of monsoon, as they do not walk when it is raining, as it is believed that during this season there are numerous living micro organisms in the atmosphere. Jainism believe in giving AbhayDaan(gift of security, fearless existence ) to all living organisms.
I would like to share some examples for the same too. Like how often after having a bath we leave the tumbler in the half filled bucket itself? Often. But Jainism says that the living beings present in that bucket of water fear that you shall fill another tumbler and disrupt their environment again, so if possible use minimal water, and after you are done, do not leave the tumbler in the bucket. Chopping vegetables, using electricity, wearing clothes, applying cosmetics or even using basic furniture items are a complete no-no (sins).
So much so that Jain Priests wear white cotton mask at all times to cover their mouths so that no form of life will be disturbed by their talking, coughing or deep breathing acts.
Basically to cut a long story short, I am well aware that Jain gurus lead a very tough life, physically and mentally. They have my utmost respect; there are no two ways about it. Rather I hold great admiration for their families too, who have allowed them to take this tough path for the betterment of mankind.
But, (there is always has to be a but with me) What I fail to understand is, why sacrifice all worldly or materialistic things and still aspire to be something above the rest of us? Well as soon as you embrace living like a monk, you are given a stature high above a normal human who is slaving his life away to earn a decent livelihood for his family, it also includes the donations and charity made to these religious causes, including the monk’s bread and butter too, well in-case of a Jain Guru he shall not accept bread, so a roti for him please.

I’ve wanted to ask them, but never was allowed to so putting my thoughts/questions up here.
I agree you are above the rat race that we are in, but hello, isn’t yours another race all together too? You are running for sainthood, for moksh or mukti? Moksh/Mukti here refers to being spared the misery of being reincarnated again and again, till we don’t pay or repent for all the sins that we commit knowingly or unknowingly.
So when I look closely at the life of a monk, (to all those who may ask me what has given me the right to look into a monk’s life closely, I’m a nosey person) I find lots of discrepancies and there are various inconsistencies in what they preach and what they do(just like me I realize).
Like in our normal world, we strive to achieve the most in the world, similarly in their world or domain they do the same, race for the highest title of sainthood. Like us even they have ladders and ranks amongst them and aspire to have shrines built in their honor.  And why? So that they can conjure up a large following of devotees or disciples (read fan, who are willing to donate generously “materialistic things” to their causes). 
In Jainism, most of these causes are like saving a cow’s life, feeding a needy family, providing appropriate facility for the welfare of Jain Sadhus and Sadhvis.
They all want to be the best preachers, best orators and be recognized for the numerous welfare and development projects that they have initiated and been successful at, sounds familiar?
Doesn’t all this add up to doing good work, social work or just plain being a nice human? But with time some things need to be changed, some “traditional and religious ideas”need to be worked on so as to bring wide spread acceptance among the youth of the society.
On the other hand maybe if people like me and you go out and preach the world on how we should help the needy and donate to good causes, then it would not be so effective, to make their words count or bring about some results these extreme steps many be necessary.
But what disgusts me the most, or rather always has ticked me off, is that even though they are at a higher altar in life, believe in purity of thought action and are more closer to God, they too have succumbed  to petty practices specifically that of gender bias.
Gender discrimination is so deeply ingrained within us that these so called Gods also have fallen prey to such appalling ways of thinking. In Jainism, and also in some other Hindu religions, women devotees are not allowed to touch sadhus(priests) and similarly male devotes stay away from sadhvis(nuns). Isnt that almost like being an untouchable?
Most of the times, we also notice that sadhus, priests or monks are allowed to rise up in the rankings much faster that the sadhvis, basis only being their gender. Even if the rank is the same of a nun and a priest, he is always given priority over her by default. After all it’s a man’s world, be it ours or theirs.

Recently I was reading a book on Hinduism and vedas, ya sometimes I pick up these books by mistake too, in which I was shocked to read about the tradition of applying sindoor. The main component of traditional sindoor is usually vermilion. A component considered to be toxic by nature.
As most of you must be aware that Hindu wives are expected to fill sindoor (for me it always looked like a stamp of being taken/sold/unavailable!) along the parting of their hair, thus applying it on the scalp (where the pores are most open), so as to let it seep inside slowly. It is a sacred and most prominent symbol of a Hindu married woman. Like I’ve said earlier, Vermilion is a toxic substance, you might now wonder why a Hindu married lady is made to apply if it is a known toxic, and well that’s the precise reason for making her do it. 
A female’s life span is comparatively longer than her male counterparts, as we all know, and that’s exactly why this practice was incorporated, to slowly poison the wife so that both the partners can die with each other, and for the ones who dint die a natural death, they were made out to be satis. (An abolished tradition of Hindu wives burning themselves alive on their husbands’ pyre).
Doesn’t it sound like that applying sindoor is more like killing someone slowly and painlessly? Most of us are not even aware of the meaning of some traditional rituals that we are made to follow. We just do as we are told, as again asking for logic or questioning our age-old praths (religious ceremonies) is considered to be a taboo in most Hindu homes.

Let me know if you are aware of any other such traditions or ritual, love to hear new fascinating things like this.

Oil Parampara

The baton of hair care, in India can be summed up in one word, Oil. The tradition to oil hair has been passed along for generations, but with time variations and changes have also come.
In my grandma’s days they used to oil their hair religiously, day and night, not for a minute you could find their hair dry or not-oiled. Then my mother’s generation brought around some changes and somehow convinced their mothers to let them keep their hair washed and dry on weekends, yes since then the weekends have been special.
But while I was growing up, mom thought it best to oil my hair to school so much that my classmates used to ask me if I owned some oil refinery or something! That’s when I told my mom, henceforth I shall oil only when I don’t have school.
So from weekdays to weekends, oiling was taking a backseat, but in no ways was it going to surrender.
While growing up I often tried, after seeing on television, various oils be it  non-sticky, quick absorb formula, hot-cold oils, oils for winter oil for summers etc etc.; all new and with “Innovative” formulas.  Some could improve my hair in one night, while some more advanced one could do wonders in an hour. Though I dint believe in them, after all tell me how can the oil help if it is washed off so soon, but still, I tried them all. And somehow the oiling parampara (tradition) was upheld. Though I did know that oil did help, if left on my hair for some time, so that it penetrates and nourishes the hair and the scalp.
These days, my latest experiment, is Dove. It has launched its unique hair care range which contains Vita-oils, an ingredient found to be very effective for hair growth and hair nourishment.
Dove Vita-Oils containing products, go deep inside the hair fiber and help lock in the nourishment of oil; making hair smooth, shiny and beautiful with every wash.  This sounds like a product I had been praying for, to have something that will let me keep my hair oil-free while at the same time, not denying my hair from the benefits of oiling. 

The Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range Includes: 

Y One?

These days we have ONEs all over us. First it was the RA-onemania and even before the dust settled on RA-one and G-one, F-one was here! Andjust like its fast cars, it was done in three days, creating so much GA-GA.  
I’m sure we all remember some years backthere was this other fixation with ONE in Bollywood, like Coolie No.1, KhiladiNo.1, Hero No.1 even a Biwi No.1 and so on. 
But like our reel heroes, in real life too we all want to be“the ONE”, be it the smarter one, the rich one, the successful one, specialone, loved one, the BEST ONE. Nobody wants to be NO-ONE, everyone wants to beSOME-ONE, some-one else.

Since childhood, we have always been told we have to be the firstone in everything. It started with crawling, knowing very well there were a billionkids who started crawling before us.
Be the first one to say Mama/Papa, so what if there wereagain millions kids doing the same thing all over.
Then we had to be the first in class, then in school laterin the club, followed by city and then the first in the country.
Why do we have to be first in everything, rather anything for thatmatter? Why can’t we just be satisfied being good, being happy in our space?

We all know we can’t be the first and the best in everythingin life, but in the aspiration to be the “One” we are not able to be the “HappyOne” today.

Love life, and always remember you ARE special!

Tress mess No stress, Dove is here

Hair, the crowning glory of any face, (I have purposely not said just a woman’s face, not wanting to rise a spate of male furry) and it is true, no man would be considered handsome if he were bald!

Hair, chemically is a dead part of our body, but brings life and vibrancy to a dead face also! Nothing dead has even been more important than Hair! Our hair can make or break our appearance; it is the defining point of one’s personality.
Since the days of Cleopatra, a lady’s beauty took an exponential leap if she possessed long thick healthy hair, in India we like it black, the darker the better.  
I personally believe clothes, makeup, posture and everything else takes a backseat in comparison to the hair! I mean just imagine, Sushmita Sen or Shilpa Shetty without their gorgeous manes, all dressed up and looking pretty, but would you have given them a second look had their hair been not so kind to them? But they didn’t get those gorgeous locks just like that, yes I agree they have been more lucky then some of us, but even they have to put in regular care and efforts to nourish and maintain their hair.
In India, I personally believe the South Indians and Bengalis have it easy. They are blessed with beautiful long lustrous dark hair. In the South, women usually wash their hair and apply plain and simple coconut oil on the wet scalp itself, no fancy olive or almond oils for them. And their diet also helps them. The use coconut oil and fish in their daily meals surely helps. Similarly Bengali babes also have it in their genes or their fishes! Look at Sridevi, Hema Malini, Moon Moon Sen and her daughters and you shall know what I am talking about.
But not all of us are so blessed, so we need to put in extra efforts and make the most of what we have.

First of all there are some ground rules that all of us should know, understand and remember.

1.       No matter what you can never change your hair type.
2.       Recognize your hair type then style and nourish it accordingly.
3.       Unclean hair translates into unhealthy hair.
4.       All expensive products need not be best products.
5.       Chemical treatments will definitely harm your hair.
6.       Natural remedies cause least damage, but are also more tedious.
7.       No substitute to eating fresh green veggies and fruits.
    There are two ways in which you can better the quality of your hair. Internally and externally.

    Internally, not only for hair these 5 things will help in many matters of the body.
    1. Eat fresh green vegetables and fruits. Especially which provide vitamin A, B, proteins and folic acid. (Green Peas and Dals help). Once I was suggested to take Vit A and C for forty days every morning with my breakfast and then take a gap of 10 days; continue again for 40 days, to help me control my excessive haifall.
    2. Drink around 3-4 liters of water every day. You should ideally drink 3-4 glasses of water first thing in the morning and another 3-4 glasses at bed time. The rest you can have in any other flavored fluids, less sugar and not chilled.
    3. Exercise for atleast 30minutes in a day. Some yoga poses like Sarvangasan, Matsyasan, Poorna Halasan are very beneficial for your hair. They improve blood circulation to the head and also boost hair growth.
    4. Live a stress-free tension-less life. Easy to say, meditation and deep breathing exercises help.
    5. Avoid dirt and pollution as you can. You could use a cotton cloth to cover your hair, apply a good quality hair serum or leave on conditioner which acts like a protective layer on your hair. 
    Externally, you can choose two types of products, one which make your hair look healthy and the other which actually make them healthy. I prefer the later one, because if my hair is healthy they will even look healthy in some time. It’s just that products that make my hair look pretty show instant results, while the other tries my patience.
    Like for example, if I were to shampoo my hair (using any shampoo available)and give it a good blow dry it will shine and look nice instantly, but instead if I use a good nourishing shampoo specifically  suitable for my hair type and let it dry on its own, my hair would not look so great initially, but in the long run, my hair won’t be damaged either.
    Aloe Vera is one ingredient that can help your hair (and even your skin for that matter) both ways. Drinking Aloe Vera juice (from people who have tried it, eeekkkss!), helps makes hair soft and healthy, and by applying it on the scalp helps to­­­­­­­­­­­­ control hair fall and make the scalp germ free.  
    Consuming vitamin supplements of A and B, Evening Primrose oil and Triphla (an Ayurvedic mix of amla, harar and bahera) are said to make our hair healthy.
    If we were to notice simple hair damage signals early enough then we can take corrective steps to curb or reverse the damage.  Here’s a list of some hair damage signs, which can be controlled with proper care.
    Signs of Hair damage
    • Rough or dry hair – sufficient moisturizing and use hair serums
    • Excessive Hair fall – eat healthy and stay stress free
    • Dandruff – yoghurt, lemon, and a clean scalp helps
    • Split ends –regular  haircuts and hot oil treatment
    • Greying of hair – needs special professional help
    In all the above cases, we need to delve into the root cause and them find the right solution. 
    Here’s my cleansing routine. 

    Shampoo Use a shampoo which suits your hair type, your quality and your daily routine.Shampoo twice so as to clean it thoroughly.  

    Condition Always condition your hair after washing it and towel drying it. But make sure your dont let the conditioner penetrate into your scalp. Rinse throughly.
    Serum A serum acts like an outer coat for your hair, shielding it from the sun, pollution and dirt. 

    Mask Use it once a week to help you deep condition your hair. Use this from the middle of your hair to the ends, not to be used on the scalp.Leave it on for 5-7 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

    Enjoy the difference.

    I’m not at all a know-it-all person, nor any professional, these advices are received from various sources, including my granny, mom, friends or my beauticians. Some of it is also accumulated from reading various magazines or articles on beauty and hair. So please excuse my ignorance or any mistakes and before taking any medications or supplements do consult a specialists, like I’ve  said earlier, each one is different  and so is our hair. Please also feel free and do correct me.

    Here gals and guys help me put together a list of real, fun, absurd things, ingredients, methods that you have heard, tried or been advised/suggested to try to help better your hair! Sounds fun? Then jot down yours as  comments under this post!  (Multiple entries allowed the more the merrier!!)

    All images used in this post are taken from various Dove advertisements on the net. This post is for the Dove competition on Indiblogger