Christmas Greetings

My FB page is packed with merry Christmas wishes. Some pure n simple Merry Christmas, some like it short n simple, Merry Xmas, (who wants to type CHRISTMAS!)
Some are special ones, “don’t want much 4 Christmas. I just want the person reading this to remain happy & merry in life 4ever.” And this message is posted for the benefit of more than 350 people, how do you think Santa will manage this?
This one is a very happy one and it simply says Happy Merry Christmas, everyone!
Another happy Indian Christmas I came upon was “Anandmay Xmas” true Indian, true secularist.
A greeting from Santa I thought “Ho ho ho.. Merry Christmas to everyone” but it was from a lesser mortal than Santa.
But then there are some unique ones too. “MARRY” Christmas, dear whom you planning to marry off too? Then there is “Very Meri Christmas”, will someone please tell the fellow is not meri teri, its Merry!
A dear friend of mine wished all the way from the Vatican City, why he did not wish from his side I still wonder.
Here’s wishing everyone a very merry and blessed Xmas, this was not from the pope but still sounds like it.
But my favorite one was “A day in my office is like Christmas. I do all the work and a fat guy in a suit gets all the credit. Merry Christmas all!”. Applies to all of us dsnt it?
But underneath all these different ways of greetings and wishing and there lies a desire to pray and hope for a better future for the other person, weather the other is willing to reciprocate or not. Though the deed is a very small, the thought that counts is insurmountable one.


Hey before you go don’t forget to add your share of funny interesting or unusual greetings to my list.


Belated Thursday Challenge

I don’t know how all these fellow bloggers get into these various blog competitions and challenges but like looking at what they are doing. One such blog pal of mine is Bikram. After seeing HIS collection of STUFFED toys, opps sorry not toys, ANIMALS, which are not fluffy (for the record) and amongst which most he has won in the fair games, I was reminded of a similar picture I had clicked of Stuti (my daughter for all those who don’t know).  

And in this picture she looks like a stuffed lost doll to me. Like all parents even I am obsessed and possessed by my child.  

Just A Call Away

Just a call away

I know you are there
Far but not very away
Near but still not dear
Your embrace is familiar          
Our encounter is memorial
I know it all too well
Yet somewhere
Just a mention of yours
And the joy that it brings
The smile that comes
But the memories
Prick and give pain
Hurt the within
Your words which were
Promises for me
Your thoughts that were
Meaning of life for me
Are all around, somewhere
The times spend sparkle my eyes
With tears
Bring weight on my hurt
With tenderness
But I know you are somewhere
Also thinking and waiting
For as you had once said,
You are just a call away
To talk, to share, to be
Together somewhere