Lessons in Life

In life we often fear to be misunderstood, we worry about how we will be perceived by others, these others could be people whom we care about, or don’t care about, but still they matter.
Recently I heard an anecdote; it is about a father and son, who are traveling with a pony, from one village to another.
When they began their journey, both of them were ridding together on the pony. A while later, some passer-bys commented how cruel they were, two healthy men ridding on one small pony, hearing this, the father got off the pony and started walking while he let his son ride on.
Then they came across some other travelers, seeing the son ridding alone on the pony and his father walking they commented on how the generation is shameless and all, hearing this, the son got down and made his father sit on the horse.
A little further down the route, someone called the father heartless and uncaring, who was himself ridding comfortably on the pony but making his son walk in the heat! Listening to this, the father also started walking with his son.
Now, seeing the two men walking with the pony by their sides, people started calling them foolish and stupid~ why walk when you can ride on it, they asked. And started laughing, not knowing that is where they had started with.
In life, we often want to do things that are not approved of by others, irrespective of the fact whether those same people matter to us or not in life. If they are important in our lives and love us truly, they will agree with our methods and thoughts, and incase they don’t, we should not let them bother or influence us, but we do, and by doing it, we hurt ourselves only.
I don’t know what is right what is wrong, but I think we should try and do what we want, how we want, as long as our actions and decisions don’t hurt others and make us happy it cant be wrong. Rest I don’t know.


Cricket (mind) Blogging!

The game of cricket is considered a gentleman’s game, how I don’t know, but what I do know is, 11 men throwing, catching and hitting a small ball with a wooden bat on an open ground does not seem manly to me, more like kids play.

These days with the world cup happening, it’s more and more everywhere. I had read somewhere that after football internationally cricket is the most favorite sport, why? What makes cricket click so much, that in India it is also called at our religion? What is it about the game that takes ones fancy so much? What is it about it that excites people in Asia so much?

When I asked some people they gave me some ill-logical reasons, like,

Because there are so many players and more spectators, so more people can play and watch and enjoy.
Hello, sports like soccer and hockey also have 11 players a team and stadiums can accommodate as many spectators as cricket grounds do. People come to watch the matches only if the sport is popular, not vise-versa.

Because in cricket every ball can effect the result of the game so its interesting.

Not all balls can change the fate of a game, yes agreed there are some close matches, but that happens in all games, all sports, so what is new?

Someone even called it the game of the beasts!
I know we get a kick out of seeing others suffer, but cricket is not such a beastly game as rugby or soccer.

The game has money, glamour and fame also in it.
Yes it does, for it is a very popular game, and the players are paid well because of its popularity, and not the other way round.

It is also said the cricket is gaining popularity because of the various forms it is played in, like you have the test matches, one day tournaments and now the 20-20 format also.
But like I said earlier, there are other sports too like, football and hockey which are also played in many formats, rather they have indoor and outdoor matches, they play on land, water and on ice too, and they also have variations in the number of players too.

But like all of them say, cricket is a mystery, make hay while it lasts! That’s what our politicians, stars and players seem to be doing.
Happy cricketing!

Following the post, I had some more inputs from a co-blogger, (I hope I am using the right word)Parimal, which I would like to share with my readers too.

Blue text Parimal 
Black text Pooja (Has no negative intonations)

1) Cricket is so interesting because india won world cup in 1983 and this generation, i.e our generation was bought up seeing only cricket where we were named champions of the world. So that kept cricket floating in India.
1983 is a long time back, we are a country which forgets what happens in a month, how can you say we are clinging to the 80s?
2) No individual sport can match team sport in its excitement. So really cricket had only competition with hockey and soccer. Before cricket, hockey was religion in India but the decline of Indian hockey in the world prompted inclination on cricket.
I have to agree with you here, like i said, the more the number of players the more the fun. just proves the world is with you if you are successful.

3) Soccer and hockey are too physical games for the liking of an average Indian. Wherein cricket you can do your bit and then relax. for e.g. you can bat for a while then get out and relax while others are batting or you can bowl your over and relax at the fielding position.
I may be wrong here, but I think in soccer the players are rotated and given time outs too, so as to give them resting time too. 

4) Cricket can be improvised and played any where with minimum amount of space and equipment and players. (Two players can play cricket. Can two players play soccer or hockey? :D)

Here I have to say, yes two players can play Hockey and Soccer! Think about it.

5) Lastly it is not all about money. It has made itself so strong that financial activities are surrounded more and more to it. I find it not at all wrong if it is making this amount of money. But eventually its the joy that it gives us; and it is multiplied because more people follow it and are happy because of it.